Kitchen Design 101: 3 Tips to Choosing Cabinets That Suit Your Kitchen

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Building your dream house is an exciting process, but designing your home kitchen is an entirely different experience.

For the food lovers and home cooks, this is the place to be. It’s exhilarating and challenging, especially since you’re creating an entire space that reflects your taste and personality, all the while ensuring that everything stays functional.

So it’s important to note that one of the most important portions of the kitchen is the cabinets. This is where you’ll store your kitchen tools and goods, so it’s important to regard them with importance during the design process. Here are some tips to consider as you don your “cabinet maker” hat:

1. Leave enough space for storage

Do yourself a favour: as you design your kitchen, make sure to include plenty of storage space. Your kitchen will hold a lot of things—ingredients, tools, equipment, food—and the lack of adequate storage space will haunt you over time. It’s one of the biggest mistakes people make during the kitchen layout creation process. Take into account the types of equipment you’ll be needing, such as the oven and fridge. Countertops need to be there, too, but can you make them function like cabinets? MDF cabinet doors can store loads of kitchen items, but such storage methods take up a ton of space. As you design your layout, make sure to plan carefully, as doing so will minimise wasted space.

2. Always go for the classic designs

Looking through the internet and home interior magazines are the perfect way to get inspiration for your dream kitchen. There are always hot trends for kitchen design, and you will be tempted to adopt some of them, if not all. While such trends may suit your taste, they may not always be worth the costs. It’s best to limit the trends you incorporate as they have an incredibly short lifespan. Your neon green cabinets or apple-shaped cabinets may look perfect to you now but in a year or two, you’ll be shelling out money to have them repainted. As you finalise your design, stick with classic choices. Trendy designs can still be incorporated, of course, but make sure that they’re easy to update!

3. Familiarise yourself with the main types of kitchen cabinets

What’s effective planning without extensive research? As you create your kitchen layout, make sure that you’re familiar with the different types of cabinets! Doing so will help you make an efficient plan, guaranteed to minimise wasted space.

  • Base kitchen cabinet – Modern kitchens need at least one set of base cabinets to function well. Some kitchens may have open shelves as opposed to wall cabinets, but this is more of a trend. If that suits your taste, however, you can do the same with base cabinets. Keep in mind that a bare frame and support structure would not be ideal for most kitchens, as base cabinets do the bulk of work in the kitchens. More than their storage function, they provide support for kitchen sinks and countertops, as well as the framework for additional appliances. Kitchen drawers can also be incorporated in base cabinets. More often than not, they also house plumbing and electrical wires that power your entire kitchen. With these in mind, ensure that your base cabinets are sturdy so that they can function effectively!
  • Wall kitchen cabinets – These are considered the lightweights in the kitchen. They hang on the wall, meaning they can’t handle as much weight as base cabinets. Due to this, people use wall cabinets mainly for food, dinnerware, kitchen tools, and select decorative items. Despite their limited functions, they hog the limelight in terms of design because they’re placed at the eye level. As the focus of your kitchen, you may opt for fancier wall cabinets—just make sure that they don’t take up much of your wall space!
  • Tall cabinets – People choose tall cabinets as they are amazing space savers. You will need to give up some countertop space, however, as they are basically base cabinets that go from the floor up to the ceiling. Tall cabinets are particularly useful as pantries or utility cabinets. You can choose a shallow cabinet for storing food, but if you want your tall cabinets to be multipurpose, consider integrating pullout drawers.

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Designing your dream kitchen is such an experience. It’ll be a space uniquely your own, but be careful about placing too much importance on design over function! For your kitchen to truly be a dream kitchen, maximum storage space is needed. And what better way to ensure that than by integrating cabinets that suit your needs?

If you’re looking for cabinet makers in Mandurah, get in touch with us today! As an award-winning company, we take pride in our kitchen designers. We’ll help you turn your kitchen dreams into reality.

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