Modern vs Contemporary Kitchen Designs: Which One’s For You?

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Homemakers who prepare food for their families throughout the week should enjoy the process. Part of this is ensuring the kitchen is a place that’s conducive for cooking.

Aside from functionality, design is important. Some contemporary trends aren’t for everyone, and some modern kitchens may appear chilly and uninviting, while others appreciate the clean lines and neutral colours. How do you design a kitchen that is beautiful to you?

The first step of designing a home you enjoy is identifying the style you’re drawn to. That said, not everyone understands the distinction between a modern and a contemporary kitchen. If you are carrying out kitchen renovations and want a specific look, it’s essential to understand the differences so you don’t end up with something you didn’t intend.

What Is Modern Kitchen Design?

You’d think that modern kitchen design would be the newest and most popular style, but you’d be wrong. Take a look back a few decades. Although every contemporary kitchen incorporates characteristics of modern design, not every contemporary kitchen has current design components. Are you still confused? Let’s see if we can’t make it a little easier.

In the mid-twentieth century, designers created the first contemporary kitchen. During this time, the kitchen ceased to be merely a kitchen and functioned as a more communal space. It started to serve as an extension of the living and dining rooms. This approach necessitated a kitchen that was both functional and attractive.

Designers began removing frivolous and excessive details prevalent in traditional kitchens to update the appearance of the kitchen. They began to integrate more clean lines and basic design, ensuring that homemakers used every inch of space to its most significant potential to enhance productivity. The designers limited and neutralised the colour palette to create a smoother and sleeker look.

What Is Contemporary Kitchen Design?

The concept of a contemporary kitchen is essentially adopting the philosophy of a modern kitchen and incorporating the most recent trends. The modern kitchen serves as the foundation for a contemporary kitchen, incorporating clean and simple design features and a neutral colour palette and current trends such as custom-made storage, a vibrant burst of colour, and natural stone worktops.

Contemporary kitchens are the ideal of a clean, uncluttered design. This style is functional and sometimes creative, with dark wood or black cabinetry, new white surfaces, and sleek stainless steel appliances. This design gives you greater freedom and allows you to follow the latest trends. Kitchens in contemporary design can be modern, but they can also incorporate aspects from other styles.

A contemporary kitchen is more likely to have tile forms with a clear pattern and multiple materials in colours and textures lacking in the modern style. Coloured decoration, such as a feature splashback or benchtops that stand out for their beauty, can bring the two designs together.

Which Kitchen Style Is for You?

If you have a hard time choosing a particular style, hire a professional to get the job right.

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