Selecting Your Benchtop Edge Styles: What You Need to Know

Benchtop edges can make a world of difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

When it comes to remodelling a home’s kitchen, designing and creating a new one is a lengthy undertaking.

Anyone’s mind would spin with all the deliberation required to complete this procedure. It’s time to start thinking about your new kitchen cabinets, colour scheme, and flooring options. A crucial consideration in any kitchen remodel is which benchtop you will use.

Finding the Right Benchtop Edge Style

Most individuals who renovate their kitchen spend significant time and effort selecting the ideal benchtops for the space. Many inexperienced remodelers fail to realise that the process goes beyond choosing materials.

Some people think that the margins of the kitchen benchtop are only a question of taste or a choice with little significance. On the other hand, these folks don’t realise how ornamental borders may make a room seem smaller. 

Because of this, these edges become a focal point in the kitchen, drawing attention away from the overall design. Small kitchens need careful attention to the setup of the benchtop edges.

Of course, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a benchtop edge profile. The primary thing that comes to mind is style. If you select an edge that doesn’t harmonise with the rest of your kitchen, you might end up with an imbalanced space.

As far as kitchen benchtop edges go, what are your options? Here are your three significant possibilities for a solution:

Softening the Edges

It’s a modest softening of the rough, sharp edges you’ll find on laminate benchtop selections with an eased edge design. Another fantastic choice for tiny kitchens is the softened edge design.

Combining this design with a similar surface material gives off an elegant, contemporary vibe. This edge option can benefit significantly from a kitchen with unusually shaped benchtops or weird angles.

Single Bevel

Square edges are bevelled at a 45-degree angle on the top and bottom of the benchtop. Because of its clean, straight lines, this is a popular choice for kitchen benchtops because it elevates a compact area without overpowering the other design components.

The benchtop’s edges should never overpower the overall design. Depending on the benchtop material you pick, a single bevel edge might seem more costly and unique than it is. 


Benchtops with a bullnose edge provide a more sophisticated appearance, a modest solution that works with a wide range of materials.

It has a smooth, rounded edge. Whole and half bullnose edges are the most common varieties of bullnose edges.

It is common to see both alternatives in classic kitchen design since they both provide a calming effect on the benchtop. There are several advantages to using a complete bullnose on a counter edge. Straight edges may injure children, so rounded edges are better for the little ones’ health and safety.

Benchtop edge selection should be more than a one-time consideration. It’s one of those seemingly small design choices that, if not implemented effectively, may have a tremendous impact.


A familiarity with kitchen benchtop edges across the globe will make it easier to choose the suitable stone for your project. When you know what you’re talking about, you’ll be able to think outside the box when matching the perfect stone with the right edge.

There are various factors to remember when selecting a benchtop edge style. These include the overall design of your kitchen, the materials you are using, and your personal preferences. 

Some of the most common edge styles include the bullnose, the bevel, and the eased edge. Each of these has its distinct look and can provide a different level of functionality.  Ultimately, the best edge style for your benchtop will be the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

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