10 Secrets to an Organised Kitchen

Having a workable, clever kitchen boils down to storage: having a home for every item in the space.

To get you started, we’ve rounded up the top 10 secrets to an organised kitchen:

1. Be lazy

Cut your cooking time down by installing ingenious caddies and holders, such as a lazy Susan. Pop sauces and sticky things like honey on a small rotating organiser and say goodbye to mess!

2. Contain that junk

We all have a junk drawer; and it’s usually crammed with stuff and almost impossible to open. Tidy it up by categorising each item into a clear plastic container. You could have one for stationery, one for hardware, one for pegs and so on. It’s still a junk drawer, but now it’s perfectly sorted.

3. Chalk it up

Use chalkboard paint on the inside of the pantry door and keep a running shopping list. When an item is running low, write it up on the door and you’ll never be without essential ingredients.

4. Potted up

Are your pots and pans taking up far too much storage space? Give them a new lease of life by hanging them from a rod or rack on the wall. It frees up cabinets for bulkier appliances, and places your cookware in easy reach.

5. Use a magazine rack

A clever and cheap trick to keep your cutting boards organised is with a magazine rack. Simply screw it to the inside of a cabinet door and your boards are out of sight, yet easy to access.

6. Peg those pots

Fed up with hunting for pot lids? Keep them organised with a peg rack. Place it on a shelf above their matching pots and store the lids vertically.

7. Spice storage

Keep spices tidy by investing in a spice rack. You could also use an old tea box, cake holder or even a cake tin.

8. Clean recipes

Keep recipe cuttings clean by filing them in plastic sheets. Or go digital and buy a book stand to rest your tablet, so you can access online recipes without risking water damage to your digital devices.

9. Hangover

Look for spots to hang small items, such as oven mitts and aprons. Under the sink works well, or behind the kitchen door.

10. Frozen

Keep a plastic tub or container in the freezer to store small items such as zip-locked meal portions.


Credit: hipages.com.au

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