3 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Going Out of Style

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Trends become unpopular for a variety of reasons, such as oversaturation or simply being too much for most people. A kitchen that is too dated to be impressive can seriously influence the market value of your home; it’s important to know which trends not to follow.

A kitchen renovation is a big investment, and you shouldn’t follow every trend out there. What’s important is knowing which trends not to follow.

1) Subway Tiles

There was a time when subway tiles were one of the most popular materials used to put the finishing touches on a kitchen. Since then, this material has been overused to the point of oversaturation. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing the subway tile gracing a kitchen wall or backsplash.

In recent years, a lot of people have realized that their home has the same subway tile backsplash as everyone else. This can have a negative effect on the value of your home. 

Subway Tile Modern Alternatives

Tile is a beautiful and classy material that can put the finishing touches on any kitchen. As styles become oversaturated, it’s important to get creative with your tile choices.

One modern alternative is to use a repeating pattern of tiles in a different colour. This gives the same look as regular subway tile, but it’s not as repetitive.

If you’re looking for something with a more unique look, consider stone tiles or even wood. Both of these materials have become popular recently and will add a unique look to your kitchen.

2) Open Shelves and Pot Racks

The open shelves and pot racks that were so popular a few years ago are not as popular as they once were. This is largely due to oversaturation, but it’s also because some people find that open shelves are a little too much.

Instead of hanging your pots, you can opt to use wall racks or find a different place for them. This way, you save space and keep your kitchen looking modern and clean.

Open Shelving Alternatives

Instead of open shelves, consider using a combination of cabinets and open shelving. This is a common trend in modern kitchens and can work well in your home.

Another option is to choose an adjustable wall rack to hang your pots. These are a little more expensive than open shelves, but they’re also a bit more versatile.

3) Heavy Decorations on Cabinets

Cabinets are always a focal point in the kitchen, even when there isn’t a lot of storage. The cabinets that are in the most common location are the ones that get the most attention.

Hanging decorations and knick-knacks on these cabinets can be a good way to add a little character and to make the cabinets look more beautiful. However, some homeowners have gone overboard with these decorations, and it has had a negative effect on the value of their homes.

Cabinet Alternatives 

If you’re interested in adding decorations to the cabinets, there are two things you can do. The first is to opt for something that is very tasteful, like small potted plants.

Another option is to choose a material that is more modern than wood. This may include marble or even glass.


The most important thing is to remember that trends change all the time, and there is constantly a new one on the horizon. Remember to follow your own style and the design that you think fits your home. This can help your home have an identity and stand out among the rest.

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