3 Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid During Kitchen Remodelling

kitchen remodelling

After spending a few years in your home, you’ll start to notice that almost every room starts to experience some wear and tear in one way or another.

Spanning from faded tiles to peeling wallpaper, your home will never run out of different ways to show that it needs some TLC and restoration. Regardless of whether you stay in your house every day or once a week, it’s bound to experience various degrees of aging that need to be taken care of right away.

Between all the different rooms that comprise your humble abode which deteriorate over time, none could need renovation more than the kitchen.

Why you should renovate your kitchen

The experience of fully renovating a kitchen is one of the most exciting parts of homeownership because the change it bears is apparent as it’s the room that everyone uses the most. From getting refinished cabinets to seeing new tiles, giving your space the love it needs with a total renovation is fulfilling in every sense, to the point that you may fall in love with your entire home all over again.

Before you take all the inspiration to revamp your culinary space, there’s one more part of this project idea that needs to be addressed: the mistakes you DON’T want to make.

Common mistakes you should avoid

An unspoken truth that many Australian homeowners end up learning the hard way is that there are common mistakes that will end up costing time and money when renovating the kitchen. If you’re about to get your whole space redone, here are three mistakes that you should avoid:

Mistake #1: Oversizing the islands

Many first-time homeowners often end up spending more time and money on a kitchen island that’s bigger than what they need, which ends up wasting materials and labour along the way!

Although it may seem like supersizing your island is a good idea, going past the recommended 10-foot mark will make your full renovation counterproductive and make you want to move to another house. Before you have your island built, consider measuring everything first and asking an expert—such as Azztek Kitchens—for an ideal size to work with!

Mistake #2: Overlooking the need to plan storage

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone could possibly make when reworking their kitchen is not planning enough storage spaces.

At the end of the day, a kitchen is far more functional than it is purely aesthetic, which makes it essential to plan your storage accordingly. Before you think about marble countertops and cutting-edge water pressure faucets, you should first think about your shelving and cabinets and then only start worrying about everything else.

Mistake #3: Being impulsive with your design decisions

Similar to building a home, renovating an entire kitchen is a detailed endeavour that entails planning accordingly because of all the interlinks.

When you make one impulsive decision to change the colour of your shelving or the material of your tiles, you’ll end up with a domino effect and need to change everything else that follows while incurring more costs. It is for this reason that professionals uphold a no-impulse policy by making sure that everything is well-planned by the time papers are signed and the materials are ordered!


Although getting a whole kitchen renovation is exciting, the potential mistakes that you make along the way can ruin the whole experience and leave you in a money pit of regret and frustration. By taking the time to watch out for the three mistakes mentioned above, you can avoid any problems along the way and make sure that your finished product exceeds every expectation!

We’re a kitchen renovation specialist that caters to full-scale projects in all homes in Mandurah and Perth. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can transform your house’s most used space in as little as three weeks!

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