4 Steps to Planning Your Space during a Kitchen Renovation

Every homeowner must remember the pre-planning and schematic design phases are the most crucial part of a successful kitchen renovation. Ensuring the layout and space work is vital because bigger isn’t always better. Moreover, homeowners must explore alternative options if their initial plan is too costly because many clients abandon this home improvement project because of the cost.

A kitchen renovation can be highly stressful because of the different things you must consider. For this reason, working with a professional designer is always wise, especially when working on a project with moving elements. They’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan while ensuring you don’t overspend.

This article will enumerate four steps homeowners must take to ensure a successful kitchen renovation.

1. Create a Plan

Like other successful projects, you must plan to ensure a successful kitchen renovation. When designing the space for your kitchen renovation, we recommend presenting your contractor with ideas and some images for inspiration. However, it’s still best to prioritise the kitchen’s layout and floor plan before choosing the aesthetics.

Space planning means finding the most functional and efficient layout. It requires considering what appliances, furniture, and other items you want to put in the room and deciding where to place them. You can choose an L-shaped kitchen with an island, a U-shaped cooking space, or a galley-style kitchen to help you find the best layout for your room.

You should also determine if you want to add a dining area next to your cooking space. That way, identifying what changes to make to your kitchen doors or windows, where to place items, or deciding the colours of your cabinets will be easier.

2. Get Preliminary Quotes

Once you have created a potential design and a clear project description for your kitchen renovation, many interested contractors will reply to your messages and give you a rough estimate.

We also recommend creating an in-depth design plan because it can help you give a more precise estimate of the electrical, lighting, and plumbing costs.

Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that while you won’t get the exact prices for certain things, you can still get a clear idea of what you might need to spend before committing to a kitchen renovation project. You should also estimate how much the other materials, like the flooring, countertops, cabinets, and tiling, will cost.

3. Make Plans, Elevations, and 3D Drawings

Once you already have your dream kitchen design, it’s time to tackle the specifics. Let your designer draw your concepts so you can imagine what the kitchen cabinets will look like after the project. Remember to include labels on the plans and images to show where you’ll store your utensils, pots, pans, and spices.

It’s also the best time to get creative and inventive. Remember that crafting cabinets is like creating a painting; your cabinet doors are the medium, and how you arrange the pieces together is art. That way, you can express yourself in the kitchen renovation project and create unique artwork.

You should also consider the doors’ size and spacing because they can significantly impact the design. We recommend using three doors instead of two when designing a kitchen because it adds visual interest and creates a more dynamic look.

4. Plan the Materials and Finishes

Once your designer develops the drawings more, you can visualise the materials, proportions, and placements used in the kitchen renovation. They’ll also turn over the scope of work, specifications, and drawings to the builders for pricing.


A kitchen renovation can be stressful, but careful planning and working with reputable professionals can ensure a successful project and allow you to enjoy a more personalised space.

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