5 Elements of a Classic Style Kitchen – What to Know

classic style kitchen

Home makeovers are something that people dedicate a lot of their time and effort to make sure they get right. Each room in the house has a purpose, which is why renovations and refurbishments are taken seriously. And when it comes to kitchen renovations, they’re carefully considered and designed to last through time.

Below, we enumerate the elements of a classic style kitchen and why it’s always a good idea to stick to timeless concepts when it comes to building a home.


Colour is important when it comes to a classic style kitchen because it sets the overall mood of the room. The colour white is conventional and is what people lean to the most because of its ability to make homeowners feel clean and refreshed.

Your kitchen can also easily be improved just by adding bright colours in the form of appliances, furniture, and other decorative items.

And if you think white is too dull for your liking, you can choose to lean on earthy colours like beige or brown instead. This keeps the warm comforting feeling of a classic style kitchen alive as well.


When planning a classic style kitchen, make sure partitions are present in the blueprint. It could be in the form of an island with matching benches, which will serve as the area where you and your family can freely converse and spend time together at.

Having an island is also a good idea to separate kitchen duties from where your company will situate themselves. So as they wait for the food to cook you are still able to join in on the fun and talk freely amongst each other.

For classic style island benches, go for a natural look made of stone or wood. The colours white or light grey is also meant to exude a homey vibe.


Replacing your regular cupboards and cabinets with shelves and drawers is another way to keep the classic style kitchen look. Thanks to the help of cabinet makers, they provide fixtures with great storage space and better ergonomics.

You can also opt to have a glass shelf to showcase your porcelain teacups, dishes, and other glassware. That way, when you plan to throw parties and get-togethers, it’s more accessible for you because it’s already displayed and laid out.

Door Profile

A unique door to profile your classic style kitchen is a must. Shaker-style doors are simple yet sophisticated, flat panel doors are basic yet sturdy, perfect for minimalists. Meanwhile, country-style doors with glass panels are elegant and industrial.


Wooden floors make up for a classic style kitchen because they require minimum effort when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. Whether you choose a light, medium, or dark shade of wood depends on your preference but will still match your white walls and kitchen appliances.

If you want a more cohesive and incorporated design, you can integrate the setup of the wooden floors for the rest of your house and not just for your classic style kitchen alone. This gives off a laid back and familiar feeling throughout your home.


Classic style kitchens may seem conservative, but they’re functional and practical. If you want to give your space a livelier appeal, all you need to do is add more colour through the use of decor and other kitchen furnishings while renovating your kitchen.

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