5 Floor Materials Options for Your Kitchen Remodel

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If you’re already doing a layout change or planning to tear down some walls in your kitchen, why not go all-out and change the kitchen floor? Your flooring takes up the entire space and replacing it can have a significant impact on your new design. 

Your choice of flooring can drastically alter your kitchen’s atmosphere. It can make your new kitchen look more intimate, more luxe, larger, warmer, or more relaxed in an instant.

That being said, there are hundreds of flooring options available that can be overwhelming for homeowners. This article will enumerate the top flooring options for your kitchen and tell you the pros and cons of each.

Material Option 1: Wood

If you want your kitchen to have a timeless and classic look, wood is the material you need. If you want a durable flooring, do not settle for softwoods such as pine or bamboo. Those materials can quickly dent from heavy items you drop. Opt for hardwoods such as maple, oak, or cherry wood, which are all sturdier materials.

Choosing wood for your flooring can also be easier on your back and knees. That is because wood gives a soft surface, making it a safe material to use if you have young kids at home. Apart from that, wood’s naturally warm appearance is the best flooring to have if you’re going to paint your cabinet doors. Proper maintenance of wood flooring can make it last for decades.

The only downside of this material is how it can get destroyed by prolonged exposure to water or high humidity. Additionally, it might not be a good idea for you. If you have pets who love to scratch on surfaces.

Material Option 2: Natural Stone

Natural stone refers to tiles that use granite, marble, limestone, travertine, or slate. This type of flooring gives you beautiful patterns and textures.

Stone flooring has a longer lifespan than ceramic tiles. This material is not glazed, which is perfect if you want flooring that does not change its colour over time. However, not being glazed makes it more prone to chips and scratches. The good thing is these details are less noticeable in stone compared to a ceramic tile.

Here’s a quick comparison among your stone options:

  • Granite, slate, and travertine are less porous and denser than limestone and marble.
  • Granite and slate are prone to staining. If you want your kitchen floor to look brand new and clean, remember to reseal every one to two years.

Material Option 3: Cement Tiles

You create cement tiles by mixing colour pigment with cement. This mixture will be pressed together with one or two more base layers creating a thick and heavy tile. While cement tiles are more durable than ceramic, any nicks and chips on their surface are more visible.

This material is also porous, so it needs to be sealed every one to two years to avoid staining. You probably need to add a rug or mat to offset its hardness.

Material Option 4: Ceramic, Terra Cotta, and Porcelain Floor Tiles

These three are all fired clay tiles that usually have a glaze. Choosing a glazed tile can make your kitchen floors look the same in ten years. Their glazing resists stains and does not need any resealing. Among the three, porcelain tiles are the most durable choice but also the most challenging material to work with, while ceramic tiles are budget-friendly.

Material Option 5: Laminate and Vinyl

If you want a floor that resembles wood but you don’t want to maintain it, choosing vinyl and laminate is a good alternative. These two are not the most beautiful nor the most durable floor materials, but they are budget-friendly and easy to install. Moreover, they can withstand radiant heat, water, and scratches better. They can endure more water and humidity than real wood but can also get damaged with excessive water.


Replacing your old floors can increase the aesthetics in your home and give your favourite room an updated look. Deciding to switch your kitchen floors is a big move, but it can turn your kitchen into something else―a much better place if you choose the right flooring.

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