5 Superb Remodeling Ideas for a More Luxurious Kitchen

Starting your own kitchen renovation project is both an exciting and baffling endeavour. While it is one of the most value-adding home improvement projects with the best ROI, it needs to be perfect if you want to succeed in your project. If you’re wondering how you can make your kitchen look luxurious and impressive, here are some high-end kitchen remodelling ideas.

Make it Your Own with Unique Custom Features

One of the best things about remodelling your kitchen is the opportunity to finally make it your own. You actually get to choose what feature you want to see in your kitchen. Do you need extra cabinet space? Consider installing a multifunctional island. If you already have a kitchen island, just ask a local cabinet maker to install some shelves and storage under the counter. If you think your oven doesn’t have enough space, you can opt for double wall ovens. Whatever features you think would make your kitchen look great and functional, this is your chance to include it in your project.

Go Big with Two Islands

Speaking of kitchen islands for more storage space, why not settle for one when you can install two islands in your kitchen. If you have the space for it, this will be a great addition to your kitchen. One island can serve as a place for your range and sink, while the other can be designed to accommodate in-kitchen seating. It gives a grand and spacious look while transforming your kitchen into a more dynamic space.

Use Technology for a More Modern Touch

High-tech features don’t just make your kitchen easier and more fun to use, it actually makes for a safer and cleaner cooking environment. Installing smartphone-controlled light switches and even appliances eliminates the hassle of stumbling through a dark kitchen. You can also have smart ovens that can be turned on and off remotely using your mobile device. Basically, it gives you full control of your kitchen with a single tap or swipe of your phone.

Stick to One Cohesive Style

Of course, nothing gives the impression of luxury than sticking to one astonishing style for the entire kitchen. While it can be fun to mix and match some design elements, keeping everything consistent in terms of the colour, material and style can elevate your kitchen to a whole new level of design. Also, it’s a good idea to pick one style for your kitchen’s permanent fixtures, such as flooring cabinets, and architectural features. Then you can add more accent furniture, decor, and artwork if you want to experiment with your chosen theme.

Opt for an Open Layout

Closed-off kitchens have been the traditional way of designing kitchens for decades. If you’re starting a new kitchen renovation project, opt for an open layout where the kitchen is always in plain view of either the living room or your entryway. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your kitchen look extravagant and breathtaking. An open kitchen layout effectively transforms your home into one big living space.


The kitchen is perhaps one of the busiest areas in any house. It only makes sense to make it look good and functional since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. With these luxurious kitchen ideas, you’ll have a better sense of what would look good in your kitchen.

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