5 Techniques Experts Use to Make Small Kitchens Look Bigger

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While you decide whether to renovate or remodel, there are numerous design tactics kitchen renovation experts can use to create the appearance of space in your kitchen, regardless of its size, such as slimline units and using specific space-enhancing cabinetry colours.

Even decluttering may be beneficial. The minimalist approach works well in limited places, and simple tweaks like eliminating handles and employing push/pull catches are helpful.

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

1. Install a glazed roof instead of a solid roof.

Of course, this is the most extreme of all kitchen ideas for making a tiny area appear larger. However, any work that may be done to raise the ceiling visually will have the most dramatic consequences unless you increase its footprint with an addition.

Wall-to-wall, self-clean glass with any frame and the smallest of profiles will produce a seamless, contemporary look that will optimise the sensation of space. If you’re on a limited budget or don’t want to replace your entire roof, a roof light installed between existing rafters can create a brighter, more spacious seeming environment.

Raising the kitchen ceiling to the rafters can also make it appear higher. Just make sure you have adequate insulation to prevent heat, noise, and cooking odours from escaping into the rooms above.

2. Plan the Kitchen Layout to the Inch

The most effective way to make a small kitchen look bigger is to plan the layout carefully. This will help you make the most of what space you have and make the most of its relationships with other rooms.

Draw up an accurate floor plan, and you can use the measurements to work out what size units you need and where other kitchen appliances should go. A well-planned kitchen design is a “key to success” for making a small kitchen look bigger.

3. Use Slimline Units

The kitchen units are the most prominent element of any kitchen design, so choosing units that help make a small kitchen look more prominent is essential.

One of the best kitchen ideas for small spaces is to use slimline systems. Also known as monoblock or one-piece units, they tend to run from floor to ceiling and are often flush with the wall behind. They can sit at 90 degrees to the wall with no side panels, giving the impression of more depth.

4. Stick to Light-Enhancing Neutrals

Lighting is one of the most critical elements of any kitchen design, especially in small spaces. There are many different kitchen lighting ideas for small spaces, but one of the best is to stick to light-enhancing neutrals. White, grey and a pale, warm grey (like dove grey) appear airy and spacious.

5. Reserve Dark Colours to Base Cabinetry

Dark colours make small spaces look smaller, so reserve them to the base units and the floor. Any units above eye level should be light, including any work surfaces.

It is not only the shades that matter here, but the finish, too. A gloss finish will reflect more light, while a matt or lightly textured finish will absorb it, giving a softer light. If you love the look of black, use it in a glossy finish to help make a small kitchen look bigger.


When it comes to making a small kitchen look bigger, there are plenty of clever tricks and small kitchen ideas you can use to create the illusion of space in your kitchen.

Planning a well-executed kitchen design, choosing slimline units, and executing the lighting design carefully will help make a small kitchen look bigger and make it a place you enjoy spending time.

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