5 Tips for Picking Perfect Cabinets for Your Kitchen Makeover

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If you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning your kitchen renovation, perhaps the first thing you should decide on is the layout of your kitchen cabinetry. Cabinets are the most substantial part of the kitchen; these take up the most space, provide the most functions, and these will assuredly dominate the visual scenery.

Many homeowners don’t necessarily know what layout they want, but there are some rules that designers follow. In the kitchen, there is what is known as the “golden triangle,” which is the optimum placement of the range, sink, and refrigerator, such that they are easily accessible while the user stands in their centre. Not all spaces can properly accommodate this triangle, particularly because some kitchens are either elongated or oddly configured!

Layouts and kitchen cabinetry go hand-in-hand. Once you have decided on the most efficient arrangement based on your space, finding the right cabinetry is the next step! If you want to know how to choose the right ones for your set-up, here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Choose your wood

Cabinets can be made of several different types of wood and wood composites. The type of material you choose should depend on the colour scheme!

For dark, reddish themes, you will want cherry or pecan, while maple and birch work with a lighter and brighter colour palette. For a more affordable option, you can ask your cabinet maker for laminates, which can mimic the appearance of wood while offering durability and quality—all without breaking the bank!

2. Pick a panel

The panels of the cabinet are its face; they are the most visible portions that can say a lot about the overall design. Some are completely flat; others have a simple, raised border—known as Shaker-style—while more traditional models have intricate crowning.

The design of the panels can significantly influence the overall style you are trying to achieve. Choosing one isn’t just about mere taste—it will dictate how visually comfortable the elements of your kitchen are at a glance.

3. Add drawers to your plans

Drawers offer more ease of use and organisation than plain cabinets. Imagine being able to pull out a drawer of pans so you can pick one out instead of crouching down to the floor and reaching deep inside to rummage through the pile.

Aside from the customary cutlery drawer, you can bring your frequently-used items forward with creative use of drawers. However, be careful to consider their placement around the space! You will want to be able to pull the entire drawer out, and still be able to step around the drawer while it is fully ajar.

4. Look for hidden functionality

Cabinets can be more than just tiny storage rooms—some kitchens have pull-out pantries that have convenient racks to store food neatly. Other have built-in containers where you can store and easily access your grains, flour, and sugar.

Cabinets can also hide appliances to give your space a neater appearance. You can tuck away your toaster, mixer, or electric kettle behind a folding door so they don’t have to be on display when you aren’t using them.

5. Consider non-covered options

Sometimes some portions of your layout might be better served with shelves, rather than closed cabinets. Open shelves are great to break up a monotonous passage of cabinets, especially if you have a small space!

You can also add visual interest to your cabinets by using transparent or frosted glass panelling instead of your traditional wooden door. Remember that covering up all your cabinets is not necessary, and putting your dinnerware on display can enhance your design as well.


There are a lot of considerations to make when it comes to your kitchen cabinets and layout. Working with an experienced cabinet maker can help you maximise your space and get the most out of your kitchen renovation!

Take the time to think about the use that you want and how you will move about in the space. In doing so, you can have kitchen cabinetry that is both visually appealing and functional at the same time.

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