6 Steps for Enjoying a Smooth Kitchen Renovation Process

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Overhauling your kitchen isn’t a walk in the park, as it’s often a nightmare coordinating hundreds of details and logistics to making sure you achieve your vision for it. If you’re tearing everything down and building it back up, this is even truer. However, the result is always worth the hard work, as you’ll be creating a room that will instantly transform your home and bump its value by several hundred dollars if you eventually decide to sell.

The journey to finally completing a whole kitchen renovation may be challenging, but it’s possible to make the process smoother and more manageable. Here are six steps to minimise the headache and to enjoy revamping your kitchen:

  1. Visit a Showroom

The first thing you’ll need to do is think about what you want your space to look at, especially if your kitchen renovation involves a brand new layout. If you plan to move walls or rearrange the plumbing, you’ll need to work with a kitchen designer to make sure you nail all the ergonomics. It’ll also help to visit a showroom to give you a more realistic view of things, as looking at designs online can often give you expectations that may end up being challenging to meet.

  1. Choose Your Appliances and Fixtures

Once you have your design finalised, you can start choosing your appliances, fixtures, and fittings. These will ultimately determine how cabinet makers will create your cabinets, so you must first settle on your desired kitchen equipment. It can take over a month for fixtures and fittings to arrive, and even longer if you’ve ordered them from overseas, so you’ll want to order them right away to enjoy a faster kitchen renovation. You can also choose the material for your splashback and benchtop, but you don’t need to obtain it straight away unless you’re using a tiled splashback.

  1. Talk to a Cabinet Maker

When you’re ready to start bringing your design to life, you’ll need to talk to cabinet makers, who will get the right measurements and provide you with working drawings they’ll use for your cabinets. That way, you can finalise your plumbing layout and electrical provisions so the respective professionals can install them while the cabinet makers work on constructing your cabinets. Take note that it generally takes three to five weeks to build cabinets.

  1. Demolish Your Kitchen

Now that you’ve ordered everything, it’s time to demolish your kitchen. If you’re keeping the layout, then allow around two days for your kitchen to be removed and another three days to take care of the rewiring and replumbing.

  1. Lay Your Floor

Many people make the mistake of laying the floor after the final finishes. However, this lengthens the kitchen renovation process, as concrete floors take ten days to cure and provide an appropriately sturdy surface for tradespeople to work over. However, if you’re going for timber floors and you lay them after the kitchen is complete, you’ll risk having incomplete flooring if you decide to change your kitchen in the future. You’ll eventually have to stick to the layout since your cabinets won’t have flooring underneath, so it’s best to lay your floor first.

  1. Put Everything Together

With your kitchen space ready, the workers can now install everything. They can position your appliances for the electrician and plumber to put together, set the cabinets, and construct the kickboards. Doing tasks in the right order will reduce the time between them, so you’ll get your kitchen renovation done much faster. However, some wet trades like installing an undermount sink require a few days to dry, which is something you’ll want to consider. Your new kitchen is all good to go after you connect your services.


Kitchen renovations are one of the most exciting projects to undertake, as you’ll be transforming one of your most-used rooms. By practising these six steps, you’ll enjoy a mostly stress-free experience in making your dream kitchen a reality.

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