8 Signs You Need a Kitchen Renovation

You want to renovate your kitchen but can’t seem to talk your partner into it. Or maybe you’re the one that wants it! Or perhaps your kitchen is hinting at you, and you deny it. Here are the signs that show it’s time for a kitchen remodel.

1. Your Kitchen Lacks Storage and Prep Space

If your kitchen is too small for the amount of food you actually cook and the number of people hosted, you need more space. It’s time to rethink your kitchen layout and add more cabinet space and perhaps more counter space. More counter space means you can have a prep area for cutting up and cooking food.

2. Your Kitchen Lacks Style and Appeal

Examine your kitchen. How does it make you feel? Are you proud to have people over? Do you enjoy spending time there? If not, it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover. One of the biggest complaints about kitchens is that they are often neglected for decoration. They are not very personal, and as a result, they feel impersonal.

3. It’s Time to Update Your Appliances

If your current appliances are working fine and you’re happy with them, you can do a few things to update them. Consider adding new handles or knobs, changing your light fixture, or changing paint colours. If your appliances

4. Your Kitchen is Outdated and Want to Modernise It

If you’re still using a microwave older than your children’s, it’s time to update your kitchen. You’re definitely due for a remodel if you have an avocado green refrigerator. Of course, if you have a beautiful, vintage refrigerator, you don’t have to replace it. 

5. You Don’t Have a Proper Kitchen Layout

Do you use the space you have? Your kitchen should be designed in the most practical manner possible. If you use the area you have efficiently and effectively, you could actually upgrade to a larger kitchen and still not use it.

6. Your Kitchen Lacks Functionality

Even if your kitchen is the right size, you might find it lacking functionality. Do you get frustrated when you’re trying to do everyday tasks? If so, you should remodel your kitchen to make it more functional, and so you don’t dread doing the tasks you have to do.

7. There’s Serious Damage to the Kitchen

This includes small holes and cracks that worsen or get larger over time. Cracks in the drywall are a telltale sign that the kitchen is too neglected. If you have a hole more than an inch in diameter, you need to do something about it now.

8. Your Kitchen Has Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can make any room feel small. Even if your kitchen is a decent size, you might find it dark and uninviting. Any good designer will tell you that lighting is the key to making any room feel larger. Make sure your kitchen has ample lighting.


As you see, there are many signs that your kitchen needs a remodel. Whether your kitchen is too small, too outdated, or it lacks storage, a remodel is definitely in order. It’s never too late to give your kitchen a makeover and improve your quality of life.

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