Avoid Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

A kitchen renovation is a major undertaking in any home but how do you know if you are doing it right? Here are some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Budget

The budget is one of the fundamental elements of a kitchen renovation but it is important that you set a realistic budget and stick to it.  Do not spend too much money on the renovation or you will risk overcapitalising. A good general guide is not to spend more than seven percent of what you paid for your home.  Flexibility is also important when it comes to sticking to the budget.  Don’t set your heart on something that you ultimately cannot afford.

Measure Twice

Ensure that you measure the space for your kitchen correctly.  The wrong measurements can be disastrous – leading to cabinetry, kitchen benchtops and appliances not fitting.  Not what you want when you have spent good money already!

Succumbing to Trends

Resist the temptation to succumb to the latest trends.  What looks good now may not look good in a few years time, and you want the renovation to last.  Make your design as classic and timeless as possible.  If you insist on using the latest trends, use them in areas that can easily be changed, such as in feature walls or with ornaments.

The Right Professionals

Ensure that you are happy with the professionals that you are using and that you trust them.  Get written quotes wherever you can as this will help to prevent you going over your budget and over the allocated time for your renovation.

The Details

Often, people are so concerned with the overall kitchen that they forget about the details, such as the power points, where the lights are, and so on.  Plan for these in the design stage.  Also think about how your appliances work, not just how they look. Good looking appliances are fine at the start but you will soon get annoyed if they don’t do the things that you need.


Nothing is more irritating than a kitchen that does not have enough storage space for everything that you need, so you need to ensure that you build in plenty of storage in the planning stages.  Don’t just think about what you need now – try and take your future requirements into account.

Commonly Used Appliances

What appliances do you use daily?  For most people, these will include the stove, the oven, the dishwasher, the fridge and the microwave.  Ensure that these are within comfortable distance of each other and that they are also located close to food preparation areas.

Design with the End in Mind

Design your kitchen according to who will be using it.  Before you even start your kitchen design, think about who will be using the kitchen the most or who will have special requirements – the primary cook, elderly people, children, entertainers, and so on.  There is no point having a fancy kitchen if it is uncomfortable and annoying to use.


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