Awesome Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

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Is your old kitchen drab, boring, or in need of a major repair? Have you been dreaming about cooking in a kitchen that’s fresh, modern, and well-lit? A full renovation could be exactly what you need! No matter how far along you are in the consideration process, we’ve got some awesome kitchen renovation ideas for you.

Here’s a couple of tips you might want to consider to make sure that redesign goes exactly the way you want it!

Keep It Simple

While shopping around for stuff to remodel your kitchen, you might be enticed to go for the fanciest kitchen fixtures or most expensive of countertops. This might not be the best case for redesigning your kitchen. You might even go way over your budget and not be fully satisfied with how it looks at the end.

It’s ideal to keep things simple by sticking to a visual theme and highlighting one or two elements in the kitchen that will act as the star of the show! Afterwards, you can build around these focal points and pick out a few supporting pieces to accentuate these. This will allow you to manage your renovation budget better, which leads us to our next point –

Spend Wisely

Let’s say you’ve picked out a vividly striking but rather expensive natural stone countertop. Seeing as it will be playing a major role in your kitchen, consider pairing it with a cleaner looking and cheaper backsplash. This will keep you within budget while allowing the countertop to stand out! If you have an amazing view out through your window, try not to clutter it with overhead shelves. You can even skip the drapes altogether—let the view outside come into your kitchen!

In some circumstances, less is actually more. It’s just a matter of letting all the simpler and cheaper elements in the background come into play, giving you room to highlight the more expensive and luxurious aspects of your kitchen.

Choose a Leading Role

As stated above in keeping it simple, pick out a fundamental component of your kitchen and make it the hero! While countertops may be something that most people focus on, cabinets often take up the most space in your kitchen. They deserve to be recognized as well!

A warm and rustic wood finish or your favourite shade of paint on your cabinets can really steal the show and set the tone for the rest of the kitchen. Just make sure that other aspects of the kitchen plays along with this tone to make a cohesive theme.

Don’t Skimp on Durability

Depending on how frequent you use your kitchen, it would be wise to make it a point that you’re getting the sturdiest materials for your workplace. A simple painted cabinet sometimes just isn’t enough, and your cabinet maker can make your work surfaces more sturdy with melamine. Melamine is a very durable and easy to clean surface that can resist a lot of dings and scratches from your kitchenware.

Drawers and cabinets can also be lined with PVC to make the edges super resistant from chipping. In addition to this, don’t forget to choose high-quality hinges and drawer slides for storage solutions that can stand the test of time.

Let There Be Light

It can’t be overstated enough how important illumination is in a kitchen. Aside from keeping the work surfaces well-lit as you use your kitchen, effective lighting helps you spot dirty parts of your work area. Cool temperature lighting makes your kitchen look cleaner and roomier, while warmer lamps can set a cozy mood for family and friends.

Lighting fixtures can also stand on its own as a decorative piece for an otherwise plain-looking wall. A few well placed wall sconces around the kitchen can liven it up if you’re going for a fresh and tidy look.


Gone now are the times where renovating a kitchen is mostly guesswork. You can essentially look around and pick a theme that suits you and customize it as you see fit. No idea where to start? Interior designers and local kitchen designers can help you layout the foundations of your kitchen project, ensuring that you end up with a beautiful, cohesive, and affordable end result.

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