CLIP top BLUMOTION The secret’s inside!

CLIP top BLUMOTION: innovative technology integrated into the hinge boss

Having won international awards for design excellence, CLIP top BLUMOTION brings together innovative technology and ease of motion within the smallest space due to the fact that BLUMOTION has been integrated into the hinge boss.

The wide range of hinges offered by Blum makes it possible to find the perfect solution for almost every single overlay application, with integrated BLUMOTION. It ensures that the motion of every door is elegant. Silent and effortless. If required, BLUMOTION can be easily deactivated.


Why opt for an add-on if you can have it all in one? CLIP top BLUMOTION offers full hinge functionality and soft close!

  • 110° standard hinges for door thicknesses up to approx. 24 mm
  • 107° standard hinges for door thicknesses of 15 mm and above
  • 95° profile door hinge for thicker doors
  • Blind corner hinges
  • Angled applications from -50° to +50°
  • Aluminium frame hinges
  • 155° wide angle hinge

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