Constructing a Larger Kitchen: Expansion Tips for a Remodel

Making a kitchen larger during a kitchen renovation can be a daunting task. It involves a variety of considerations, from assessing the existing space to choosing the right materials and fixtures. Taking the time to research potential layouts and create a realistic plan can ensure your project is a success.

Layout and Design

The first step to expanding a kitchen is considering the layout and design. Look at the existing space and determine how it can be reconfigured to maximise the new area. Think about what purpose the extra space will serve. Does it need additional appliances, an island, or storage space? Once you have a clear idea of your goal, you can start researching potential layouts.


Plan The Expansion

Once you know what you need, it’s time to plan the actual expansion. Start by measuring the existing space and determining how much more space you need. Consider the kitchen layout and any potential obstacles that could prevent the expansion. If you have any structural issues, these must be addressed before the expansion can begin. It’s also important to check with local building codes and zoning regulations.


Once you’ve determined the size and layout of the expansion, you can start to think about the type of materials you’ll use. Various options include wood, brick, tile, and stone. Depending on your budget and the look you’re going for, you may want to use a mix of materials.


Once you plan for the new layout, it’s time to start the demolition process. Carefully remove any walls and drawers that may be in the way. Be sure to keep any valuable items you may find during the process. After the demolition, inspect the existing plumbing and electrical wiring to ensure everything is functioning properly.

New Construction

The next step is to start constructing the new walls and cabinets. Be sure to check local codes and regulations to make sure the new structure meets building requirements. Additionally, consider the new space’s layout when choosing materials and fixtures. Consider hiring a professional to help with this process, as they can ensure that everything is done correctly.

Appliances and Fixtures

Once the walls, cabinets, and countertops are in place, you can move on to the appliances and fixtures. Choose a style, colour, and size that fits the new kitchen’s look. Additionally, consider energy-efficiency ratings and other features when selecting items.


Final Touches

Finally, you can give the kitchen its finishing touches. Add trim around the edges of the cabinets and countertops for a more polished look. Hang artwork or lighting fixtures to give the kitchen a more personalised touch.

You can also add things like lighting, flooring, and cabinets. You may also need more countertops and storage space, depending on the expansion size. Be sure to add a backsplash and consider adding colour to the walls to make the kitchen feel larger and more inviting.


Kitchen expansion is a great way to make a kitchen larger during a kitchen renovation. It involves expanding the walls, adding cabinets and appliances, and reconfiguring the kitchen layout to make the room more spacious. While it is more expensive than simply replacing existing items, it is a great way to make your kitchen look more modern and increase its functionality. An experienced contractor should do kitchen expansion to ensure the job is done correctly and safely. With proper planning and execution, kitchen expansion can be a great way to make a kitchen larger and better during a kitchen renovation.

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