Elevating Your Kitchen Renovation With A Contemporary Style

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While a retro kitchen may seem charming enough, your once functional kitchen now feels cramped, outdated, and in desperate need of freshening up. Your laminated countertops may have been the epitome of style then, as with those apple green cabinets. Unfortunately, times are changing. If those interior magazines and social media pages are any indicators, the new cool kitchen exudes modern and contemporary.

New design trends fully embrace innovative uses of colour palettes, functional design, open spaces, and raw materials. If you’re planning to sell your home soon or simply want to spruce up your space, these kitchen renovation ideas will leave you with the cooking space of your dreams.

1. It’s time for a flooring switch

It’s easy to overlook your kitchen’s flooring—after all, your full attention is directed mainly to above-your-torso tasks, kitchen tools, and appliances within your line of vision. And so, your flooring remains rotted in the past, puncturing your kitchen’s charm with its outdated style of vinyl or linoleum.

If you’re looking to truly transform your kitchen area, it’s time to switch to timeless and resilient materials, particularly tiles, wood, and even versatile stone. These raw materials last longer than vinyl or linoleum ever can, and they boost the value of your home.

2. Farewell, outdated upper cabinetry

Previous kitchen designs required every corner of the walls to be used, hence the presence of your upper cabinetry for cookware and dishes. While undeniably functional, these cabinets make the kitchen feel too crowded and constricted, as they consume too much space.

One trademark of contemporary kitchens are open and flowing spaces, so you may want to get rid of your outdated cabinets. Doing so frees up your wall, which gives you more space to work with. A cabinet maker can craft open shelving, for instance, where you can display your favourite dishware and select decorative items.

3. Hello, sleek countertops

Your countertops play an integral role in your kitchen. They provide you with enough space for your cookie duties, stew tasks, nutritional shake needs, and other hearty meal preparations. Your outdated kitchen may perhaps be sporting the good old tile-and-grout combination, or perhaps cheap vinyl for easy wipedowns.

If you wish for a total transformation, however, opt to replace those countertops with solid surfaces. Resin and polymers are generation buzz, as with natural stones like marble and granite. These options are sleek and luxurious, all without burning a hole in your wallet.

4. Tear it down!

Generations of designers and homeowners have made kitchens compartmentalised, focusing solely on functionality. This has made old kitchens feel much too constricted, which could perhaps be what your kitchen needs. Contemporary designers encourage homeowners to connect their spaces together, as this makes the home feel more open and accommodating.

In other words, it’s time to tear walls down. Open up your kitchen and let it flow into the dining room or living room, as this could make kitchen duties more inviting. By doing so, you allow your kitchen to grow without actually adding space—just allowing the air and light to circulate better already brings wonders to the cooking space.

The Takeaway

Your kitchen holds your home’s essence—this is where your food is stored and prepared, the very foundation of human survival and connections. You’d naturally want a space where you can relax in. While functionality is paramount, a kitchen transformed into a beautiful space adds a touch of value and charm to your home.

A kitchen renovation isn’t just a simple DIY, either. You’ll want to go full-scale or none at all. As you plan your kitchen transformation, remember to consult engineers and architects for the best possible results.

With that being said, Azztek Kitchen offers kitchen renovation services in Rockingham. We understand timeless, classic, and luxury, helping homeowners like you get the kitchen space of their dreams.

Let’s bring in colour, life, and personality back into your cooking space. Book an appointment with us today!

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