Here Are the Advantages of a Full-Scale Kitchen Renovation

There has been a rise in home remodelling projects over the last year or so. This is largely because people spend a lot of time not leaving their homes day in and day out. Many of them are looking for a change, an improvement, or take it as a sign to get the remodelling project they’ve been putting off done.

Getting a full-scale renovation of the kitchen is a particularly popular type of home remodelling. Aside from replacing outdated factors, such as kitchen countertops or cabinets, giving the area a facelift can boost the home’s overall value as well. When you do it with kitchen surface materials of the best possible quality, maintenance, repair, and replacement will take years before they’re necessary.

Read on to learn more about why getting a full-scale kitchen renovation is beneficial:

A Kitchen That’s Been Remodeled Is Safer and Sanitary

Understandably, kitchen countertops that have aged are not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. An older countertop’s coating or sealant will succumb to wear and tear over time. The result of that is the exposure of the underlying porous materials. The pressing issue with them is that they’re also quite unsanitary. Germs and bacteria can end up breeding in chips, cuts, dents, nicks, scratches, and the like.

A renewed sense of cleanliness and sanitation is a key result of a full-scale kitchen renovation. It includes the likes of a granite countertop, new backsplash, new floor tiles, and more. It’s now a great place to prepare and cook food and have people going to and fro with ease.

You Add Considerable Value to Your Home After a Total Renovation

Contrary to popular belief, home improvement projects are not value-adding to the property by default. Some of them will add a couple of hundreds, if not a thousand at most. On the other hand, a full-scale kitchen renovation can raise a property value’s amount to the point where it may even cover the costs!

The overall value of a home is vital when applying for a line of credit or a home equity loan. This is because lenders deciding eligibility tend to consult a person’s financial portfolio as a whole, which includes property value.

Energy Costs Are Significantly Lower Thanks to a Full-Scale Kitchen Remodel

Heat and humidity tend to get stuck in kitchens that are enclosed and small. As a result, the entire home’s temperature will rise considerably. It means that the air conditioner will likely cycle more than usual in summer when cooking is done.

Faulty seals around older refrigerators and ovens end up leaking hot and cold air. Moreover, older appliances need more power than modern ones.

Since there’s outdated electrical wiring in older kitchens, that also means there’s likely a fire hazard. A full-scale kitchen remodel will lower energy costs since the electrical wiring will get an upgrade too.


Home remodelling projects are beneficial for refreshing parts of a home, especially those that are long overdue. A full-scale kitchen remodel is one of the most popular ones. Benefits include significantly lowering energy costs, adding considerable value to the house, and a safer and more sanitary home.

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