How to Find the Best Cabinet Maker for Your Kitchen Renovation

It can be challenging trying to find the most suitable craftsman for your kitchen renovation. A discerning client usually has a vision for their project, one that they are not afraid to make known.

Not all contractors can strike a balance between making inspired suggestions and fulfilling clients’ requests. Here are some things to consider when finding the best designer for you.

What is your budget?

A budget is necessary for any project. Having a fixed budget will help you narrow your search down to the best dealer. However, you should not just go for the most inexpensive choice. 

You should take the time to consider other aspects of this contractor, such as their work ethic and technical skills. Often, people who command high rates are specialists in their field.

Is this contractor accommodating?

You want to work with someone who can help you with the details when planning. They can jump in with ideas when you have no opinion about a construction matter, or can explain to you why your plan would not necessarily work for this type of renovation.

That said, they should also be flexible enough to allow you to make decisions and not insist on their way all the time.

Have you heard good things about them?

You can find plenty of cabinet makers near you by going online. Narrow down your search to local stores and online dealers who reflect your tastes and are capable of delivering what you need.

Check if your shortlisted contractors have a portfolio of previous projects online, or if their former clients have left reviews of their experience anywhere. Testimonials, especially on third-party sites, are a good sign.

You can also search for contractors through furniture and cabinet shops in your area. Sellers and retailers will know the best local craftsmen and design teams and can point you in a helpful direction. With proper research, you do not need to have an extensive planning and negotiation process with your contractor.

Does he manage his time well?

It can be tricky to gauge this if you have not started working with someone. However, there are indicators you can look for when considering a person’s time management skills. 

A team with a dedicated project management system is a plus. You can also read what people say online about the turnaround of projects with this person.

Is he technically proficient?

A craftsman should know his tools inside out, and be able to use a wide array of them when necessary. You can also check your prospective cabinet maker’s website or office for certifications or proof of training with the latest technology in kitchen renovation.

Furthermore, reputable makers will provide you with suitable materials. A seasoned contractor knows how to choose materials that are durable, attractive, and appropriate to the room’s style. 


Custom-made cabinets are an excellent investment for your property. They personalise your home to your lifestyle while increasing its value for resale. When choosing, opt for someone qualified; get a team that delivers prompt, high-quality renovations, someone whom you think can deliver on their promise.

At Azztek Kitchens, we believe that a project worth doing is worth doing right. We provide kitchen renovations in Mandurah and Perth, and all our projects are backed with our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. Get in touch with us today for details.

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