How to Integrate a Dark Benchtop in a Small Kitchen

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No homeowner wants their house to appear uninteresting, so they use a variety of patterns and hues to draw attention to particular features of their home. If a homeowner lacks interior design knowledge, they hire an interior designer. Interior designers frequently adhere to tradition because they are experts in their field, such as not using darker colours in small spaces. But more and more designers are defying convention to push the envelope.

The kitchen is typically the room in a home that is the smallest. Dark colours are strongly discouraged by interior designers in a space where everything should be visible. However, there are ways to go around this.

This article will consider whether dark benchtops are an option for a small kitchen renovation. Start by reading the sections below.

Dark Colours for Small Spaces

Dark colours should be avoided when decorating small spaces because you want to make the most of the natural light. Avoid using dark colours like black in small spaces because they absorb light and make the room appear even smaller. They blend into the background and can emphasise negative space. 

Painting the walls and ceiling a light colour makes the room feel brighter and is ideal for small spaces. If your kitchen is decorated in dark hues, choose lighter shades for the dining and living areas to help make your home feel airier.

Bold Statement Pieces

Because they are a striking colour that can help the kitchen stand out, dark benchtops can be a statement piece in modern kitchen designs. A dark benchtop can help keep your kitchen appear free of stains because it is a hard surface that is simple to clean.

It can also contribute to making your home cosy and warm. This is because a dark benchtop may impart the impression of a natural material like marble and wood.

How You Can Integrate Dark Benchtops

As previously stated, dark colours are rarely used in small spaces. However, this does not preclude you from using them. You must ensure you use them correctly and with other light colours.

Here are some pointers for making better use of dark benchtops:

  • Not Quite Dark Colours: Choose a lighter colour mixed with black or another dark colour. This combination lightens the surface and makes it easier to see.
  • Pair Them with Light Colours: Dark colours can be used in smaller kitchens if mixed with lighter hues. However, it would be best if you exercised caution so that it does not appear too dark.
  • Go for a Bolder Look: You must be very careful when using dark colours in your kitchen if you want it to be visually striking. Select softer hues for the walls and use more vivid hues elsewhere.
  • Subtle Lighting: If your kitchen is darker than most kitchens, you might want to install soft lighting. Keep the rest of the living area darker and opt for brighter lighting in the kitchen. Choosing the proper lighting is crucial when using dark colours.


Dark benchtops can be a great way to make a small kitchen appear more prominent. They can also help to create a more dramatic look in the space. If you are considering using dark benchtops in your kitchen, consider the overall design of the space and the amount of natural light it receives.

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