How to Maintain Your Daily Routine During a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is something that requires time to conceptualise and decide on because if you want it to look and function perfectly, you will need to go through a process. It can get quite messy and inconvenient because you never really know when it will be done.

When you leave it to the professionals to handle your kitchen makeover, you can rest assured knowing that the wait will be worth it the moment you lay your eyes on your newly renovated kitchen. With gleaming new countertops, brand new appliances, and flawless cabinets, you will realise that all the waiting you did for not having a kitchen for a while has finally led you to have your dream kitchen.

But before you witness everything turn into reality, you must have to endure days or weeks without a good working kitchen. Keep reading below to find out tips on going through a kitchen renovation while ensuring your days continue to go as expected.

Place Your Kitchenware Into Categories

Once you figure out that a kitchen renovation is just what you need to improve your home, and you’ve talked to a contractor to oversee the construction, you can begin with packing up your kitchen. To maintain the organisation of your things, you should place them into categories to guide you with knowing the items to store, use, and dispose of accordingly.

You don’t have to rush packing everything in one day, but you do have to make sure that during the day of the renovation you’re all done. Don’t forget to label your kitchenware that will end up in your storage, so in case you need something, you can easily retrieve it.

Assign a Space for a Temporary Kitchen

While your old kitchen is being renovated, you can expect to continue cooking and cleaning, especially if you plan to remain eating home-cooked meals every day. Having a temporary kitchen on the first floor of your house is necessary, one where you can put up a sink and table for the food preparations as well.

Make sure to keep things simple and whip up meals that can be done with just a few moments without the need to indulge in complicated dishes that require heavy-duty preparation. That way, you won’t stress yourself out with cooking your favourite meals in a small, temporary kitchen.

Utilise Portable Appliances to Make Meals

During the kitchen makeover, you can expect to rely on mobile appliances to make your life more convenient. Some items you can think of using in your temporary kitchen include a coffee maker, hot plate, toaster or oven, and a slow cooker.

You may also need an electric skillet, electric kettle, an array of Tupperware to store your food, and a handy knife. Even though you can’t go all out and prepare your family a hearty meal, you can be sure to satisfy their taste buds by using the right equipment and ingredients altogether.

Find a Place to Set Up Your Fridge

Your refrigerator and freezer are some of the most important kitchen appliances that you shouldn’t go without while initiating a kitchen renovation. If you want to avoid spending money on takeout food for the next several days, you should pick a place in your home to put your fridge in the meantime.

Since it’s the most significant appliance in your house, situating your refrigerator in the right location can inspire you to continue cooking and serving meals without relying on getting food delivered. That way, your daily routine will still be intact, and you don’t have to shell out more money.


Getting your kitchen renovated doesn’t mean you won’t be dealing with kitchen duties entirely, including preparing food for your family and washing the dishes. You can still cook meals, utilise your kitchen appliances, and rely on your fridge so long as you pack your kitchenware accordingly, create a temporary kitchen, and make use of portable equipment. While you wait for the kitchen of your dreams to be finished, you can continue with your daily routine despite accommodating a few minor adjustments.

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