How to Plan for Your Full Kitchen Renovation: Our Guide

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Planning is the key for you to have a successful full kitchen renovation. Just so you know, the process of renovating the kitchen is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It may seem overwhelming because you’re building everything from scratch, but there’s nothing to worry about as long as you have an adequate plan in place.

If you’re a homeowner with plans of renovating your home’s entire kitchen, here’s how you can do it effectively:

1. Think About the Things You Need to Consider

There are many things to consider before you call your contractor to scratch everything from your kitchen. For sure, your contractor would also want you to think about everything first so that they can get a clear idea of what you want to happen. If you have a kitchen renovation plan in mind, think about the answers to these questions to avoid regretting your decision: 

  • Do you really need a renovation or just a redecoration? Remember, a renovation will change your kitchen’s aesthetics and some functionality, while a redecoration is only a matter of aesthetics update. 
  • What do you need and what do you want in your kitchen?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your complete kitchen renovation?
  • How much inconvenience are you willing to deal with to achieve your dream kitchen?

After you’ve answered these questions and are already satisfied with your answer, it’s time to check out our other tips to continue your renovation plans. 

2. Find the Best Contractor

While you can DIY your kitchen renovation, it’s still best to work with the best contractors like Azztek Kitchens so that you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. If you have the right people who will work on your kitchen renovation, they can handle everything, including the processing of permits, connecting with suppliers, hiring builders, and creating the design you would want for your kitchen. In short, they can make your dream kitchen into reality without you experiencing any hassle. 

3. Consider Your Living Arrangements

You must note that your kitchen will be off-limits when the renovation begins. That means you cannot cook or prepare meals in your kitchen temporarily. Since that is the case, you need to consider your living arrangements. 

If you plan on staying in your home during the renovation, make sure to set up a temporary kitchen and pull out the essential appliances and supplies you need. You should also ensure that your children will be safe from any hazards. Typically, a kitchen renovation lasts for up to 3-6 months, so you need to prepare yourself and your family for the process. 


A full kitchen renovation is truly not easy. It’s not something that can happen overnight. You have to prepare for it properly because it may take a while before you can get the results that you want. In between the process, you may experience inconveniences, but with an adequate plan and the right people working on your kitchen renovation, a hassle-free process is possible. 

Azztek Kitchens can help you with your kitchen renovation in Mandurah, Rockingham or Perth. We are full kitchen renovation specialists, providing a complete renovation package, including kitchen designs, kitchen appliances, accessories, trades and locally made cabinetry. We listen to your needs to deliver the best kitchen solution for your home, providing you with a hassle-free kitchen renovation. Get in touch with us today! 

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