How to Select the Perfect Design for Your Kitchen Benchtop

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The benchtop is one of the most important aspects of any kitchen. It provides vital room for preparing meals and storing utensils and may have a substantial impact on a kitchen’s aesthetic.

Homeowners can select the materials, colours, and even the pattern in a kitchen to suit their taste or preference. It is also essential to pick a material that will last. The type of material used for the benchtop is integral to a kitchen’s longevity and durability and will significantly impact the structure’s cost and maintenance.

Some may scratch easier than others and require resealing more often. Other kitchen benchtops are more durable than the rest, and it is fundamental to choose a material that will withstand the wear and tear that it will undoubtedly endure.

If you plan on undergoing kitchen remodelling or replacing your existing kitchen benchtop, it would be wise to read this article. Below, we present three tips for selecting the perfect design for a kitchen benchtop.

1. Choose a Suitable Design

Your furniture style will directly affect the design of your kitchen benchtop.

If you use a modern or contemporary style that utilises lots of chrome, glass, and stainless steel, you may opt for a benchtop made of a hard surface, much like concrete and stone. These surfaces are effortless to clean and won’t scratch easily, but they tend to get stained quickly. 

These are also quite heavy and not ideal for homes with children. On the other hand, timber benchtops would suit a traditional style.

These are relatively cheap and easy to care for, and they add a warm and natural effect to your kitchen. But you will have to regularly sand and reseal these surfaces, and if you are using timber, you must be mindful of any cracks and insect damage.

2. Select a Long-Lasting Material

Many kitchen benchtops are made from a material usually comprised of granite or marble. These options are highly durable and easy to clean but will be more expensive than other materials. The biggest drawback to these surfaces is that they are pretty heavy and difficult to install.

A popular choice is to use a laminate benchtop. Although these materials are easy to install and clean and can be manufactured for a lower price than most other materials, they would not be best for a natural look.

3. Decide on a Colour and Pattern

Many materials (mainly wood) are much more susceptible to warping, scratching, and staining when they get wet. If you are using a timber benchtop, look for one with a water-resistant topcoat. 

The right type of paint will help keep your benchtop looking new and reduce the likelihood of your benchtop facing damage.


These three tips should help you select the correct benchtop type for your kitchen. Take the time to look at all your options, and decide your budget. You might want to get a few estimates from different companies and ask if they could provide you with some samples.

Once you have taken all of this information into consideration, you should make an informed decision about which material is best for you. The type of material you choose for your kitchen benchtop may significantly impact the longevity and durability of your space.

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