Kitchen Design 101: How to Plan a Functional Kitchen

As with all other endeavours, planning is the key to a successful kitchen renovation.

While this is indeed an exciting time, remember that you must not get carried away by the buzz! Designing your soon-to-be kitchen goes beyond simply selecting pretty cabinets or sleek countertops and putting them together. It involves uniting functionality and aesthetics to create a space you’ll truly love.

On that note, it helps for you to pause, take a deep breath and sit down to plan for your renovation project. Taking the time to organise this enormous undertaking can make or break its outcome. Ultimately, it can impact your satisfaction in the end.

To get a true sense of fulfilment with your kitchen renovation in Mandurah, WA, make sure to follow these tips when planning your kitchen design:

  1. Consider the Kitchen Work Triangle

Also referred to as the ‘golden triangle’, this concept has been around since the early 20th century. This essentially refers to the ideal placements of the kitchen cooktop, refrigerator and sink. No matter where you decide to place these three appliances, they must form a triangle. Such an arrangement will prevent bottlenecks and allow you to move around your kitchen seamlessly.

  1. Imagine How You Will Use the Space

Not all kitchens are the same. In the same way, not all homeowners are the same. How you use your kitchen will certainly be different from how your neighbours use theirs.

Considering this, it’s a smart practice for you to imagine how you will move around the new space. How different would things be if your dishwasher is moved to a different spot? Or if you created more storage space? What if you change the layout altogether?

Going beyond the illustrations and visualising the space will help you identify both potential issues and opportunities.

  1. Choose the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle and Needs

Finally, make sure that the floor plan you will choose suits your lifestyle and needs. In doing this, you also have to consider your family.

If you have quite a large family who loves participating in meal preparations, you’ll want to choose a plan that is open and accessible. On the other hand, if you plan to use the kitchen to read and write, opting for a plan with an island or designated bench space is a smart move. If morning meals are important for your family, you might want to consider a plan with a cosy breakfast nook. The possibilities are endless!

With all of that said, it pays to first consider the functionality of a floor plan before looking into its visual appeal and aesthetics. Doing so will help you achieve a kitchen you’ll want to spend most of your day at!


A kitchen renovation is not a small project; it involves a lot of time, effort and finances. Considering this, you must see to it that it will end well. If you allow yourself to get carried away by the excitement, your project will certainly result in a disaster. On the other hand, following the tips above in planning your design will let you experience the fulfilment of having a functional and beautiful kitchen in the end.

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