Kitchen Design Tips for an Efficient Everyday Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in every home. Every day, people gather in them to prepare meals, eat, and even bond. So many activities happen inside this room that it should be designed well to accommodate everything. If you are renovating your kitchen soon, take steps to maximize the whole space. You can do this by keeping these kitchen design tips in mind. 

Design Tips: How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

1. Create Wide Walkways

If the room permits, design the walkways enough for people to move around inside comfortably. There is a standard measurement that contractors often use:

  • 42 inches walkway for cooking zones within aisles
  • 36 inches wide for all paths within the kitchen
  • 48 inches wide for a two-cook setup

The measurements may adjust depending on the size of the space and whether you plan to add kitchen islands. Make sure to account for the comfort of its users. 

2. Design a Clear Traffic Flow

When determining the location for each important kitchen feature, you need to consider the traffic flow inside the kitchen. Where do people go first? Where do they go next? Do you have children? If yes, you need to make the design kid-friendly. That means ensuring that when your child enters the kitchen, they would be safe from oil spills and other kitchen hazards. Make sure that the traffic flow does not keep cooking people and passersby from interrupting each other. 

3. Keep Associated Things Right Next to Each Other

Another thing that could help you with the design is to keep related items together. That would keep people from wasting more of their steps inside the kitchen. For example, the breakfast cereals could be placed near the bowls and utensils. You can also set the dishwasher near where you store the dishware for more effortless movements. You need only consider the logical actions required in the kitchen to make this happen. 

4. Avoid Creating a ‘Bang’

Always watch out for the door and anything you place right next to it. The last thing anyone wants is to open the kitchen door and end up creating a loud noise when it hits your cabinetry or a specific appliance. It should swing easily without hitting any corners.

5. Do Not Squat or Be in Tiptoes When Using the Microwave

When placing appliances, height does matter. Identify who would use them and make sure they are placed at an accurate height. For example, if your children already know how to use the microwave, it must be at a height they can easily reach. 


It is easy to look for kitchen inspirations online but knowing the bits and details that make it a valuable and convenient room in the house is not that easy for anyone just to discover. Before anything else, kitchens are busy spaces meant for cooking, eating, and accommodating guests and residents. 

You need professional contractors with the knowledge and experience to guarantee that the whole kitchen renovation would be in its best condition possible. 

You can get more kitchen renovation ideas perfect for your home when you book the service of our award-winning kitchen designers. Azztek Kitchen provides you with a complete kitchen renovation package in Mandurah that includes kitchen design, kitchen appliances, accessories, trades, and locally made cabinetry. Book a consultation with us today to learn how we can help.

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