Kitchen Renovation 101: 5 Things Worth Splurging On

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s often the busiest place and one of the key determinants of its resale value. Kitchens are also notoriously expensive to renovate because there are so many elements that can and should be upgraded. And by the end of the project, all the upgrades must come together to form a cohesive, aesthetically-pleasing unit.

Once you decide to pull the trigger on a renovation project, the debate begins: which parts of the kitchen are worth spending on? Where should the majority of your budget go?

Here are five crucial kitchen elements that you don’t ever want to skimp on:

  1. Benchtops

Kitchen benchtops draw the eye, and they make a huge impact at first glance. They are also where the bulk of the kitchen action takes place—it’s where you prepare ingredients to cook, where the family can eat and hang out, and where all your appliances and tools are placed.

Top-quality stone benchtops carry heavy price tags, but they are very much worth the investment. They add incredible value, aesthetic, and functionality to your space. Granite and quartz countertops have reigned supreme in kitchens for decades, and for a good reason—they’re beautiful, functional, and pretty durable, to boot!

Spend the money on the best benchtops today, so you won’t ever have to go through the hassle of changing them out later.

  1. Cabinets

Along with the countertop, your cabinets are crucial to your overall kitchen aesthetic. Of course, you want them to be beautiful and match your gorgeous new granite countertop, but you also need them to be functional. If you have a large family, you will need the best storage solutions that money can buy.

You will be using your kitchen cabinets multiple times a day, every single day, for decades to come. If you invest in well-built, durable cabinetry today, you won’t ever regret it.

  1. Appliances

Your choice of appliances depends on how you work in the kitchen. If you are an amateur chef, don’t be afraid to splurge on professional range appliances. If you are passionate about coffee, now is the time to get that sprawling espresso machine you’ve always wanted.

Your range hood and cooktop can and should be able to handle daily use for years to come. And now may be the time to invest in a smart refrigerator that has all the high-end features!

Just remember that your kitchen layout depends largely on the appliances you choose. Make sure there’s space for everything and that they all go together aesthetically.

  1. Lighting

When you overhaul your kitchen, you want all the work and your beautiful design to be lit perfectly. Replace your cheap, ceiling-mounted fixtures with bright, ambient light that will make your space feel big and airy. Under-cabinet lighting will show off your new countertops and will make ingredient preparation much easier as well.

  1. Contractors

Highly experienced, professional kitchen renovation specialists are worth their weight in gold. You want every aspect of your kitchen renovation to be done seamlessly, with no shortcuts taken, and finished on schedule.


Make the most out of your kitchen renovation by choosing elements that will stand the test of time. Your countertops, cabinetry, and appliances will face a lot of use and abuse every day, so it’s worth investing in the best that money can buy. In five, ten, or even fifteen years, you’ll be glad you didn’t skimp on the most crucial elements of your kitchen!

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