Kitchen Renovations 101: A Guide to Conducting a Kitchen Makeover

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Your kitchen is a place where you will be spending a lot of time in, as cooking and cleaning are not exactly quick tasks. Some people even remodel their kitchens to be working areas, wherein they spend time lounging around kitchen tables and nooks because it is easier to cook while they work. Kitchen technology and design trends often shift around every year, which is why you would want to be updated with these trends after a certain point.

Kitchen renovations are by no means a simple task. They often include intensive planning and consulting, as well as a lot of numbers being calculated for budgeting purposes. Before hiring a contractor to start tearing down walls and objects, here are some things to do before considering a full remodel:

Budgeting is Key

Renovation projects and other construction jobs should always have a budget set down for the whole job. Larger scale ones often end up costing more than planned due to time deadlines not being met or other problems that need to be addressed. Having a good budget will ensure that there will be extra funds in the event your renovation task goes over the limit. Something that is always done in budgeting is calculating little extra costs for what are called “unplanned expenses.” Budgeting properly provides a good buffer so that you won’t be scrambling for loans or end up with an unfinished kitchen project because of the lack of funds mid-way through.

Do Extensive Research

The best way to find out a good budget and appliances that will fit the build is to visit showrooms and home depot stores to canvas costs and find the right ones for your envisioned kitchen. Use media apps like Pinterest and Houzz to find amazing ideas and get a better mental blueprint of your end goals.

Consider Hidden Costs and Unplanned Expenses

When it comes to buying appliances and materials, they do not stop at the price point given by the stores. You have to consider delivery expenses and other labour markups because moving large items such as stovetops or refrigerators are not exactly easy or doable by most people on their own. These costs often add up very quickly, so adding extra budget allocations will help ease the effects.

Always Choose Quality

When it comes to home improvement, building materials should always be the highest-quality ones found on the market. Cheaping out on these can not only cause headaches in the long run due to premature degradation but also safety hazards because of weak structural integrity. There are many tried and tested brands out there that may cost significantly more than the cheaper run-of-the-mill products that scatter the market, but these usually mean better quality. When it comes to products being used for your home and kitchen, investing in better quality normally takes a burden out of your future with the home.

Plan the Layout with a Designer

Kitchen renovations should have the classic work triangle in mind. This triangle consists of the arrangement of the sink, refrigerator, and stove because they are the most used items in a kitchen setup. When planning the design, you will want to consider how to streamline the flow of movements within the space to minimize time and effort wasted. Having a comfortable flow of processes and movements will allow you to have a comfortable kitchen wherein spending time in it is not exactly an issue.

You will also want additional spaces added, such as countertops and even storage options. While a lot of things in a renovation job are complicated, such as piping and gas lines, there are often ways to work around these non-moveable items. It helps to consult with a designer about what you can do with the space available and how to turn it into your dream kitchen.


Kitchen remodelling is not an easy job, but there are steps that have been proven to streamline the process. When considering a renovation, always think about the monetary side of things, as money is what drives jobs such as these. When in doubt about anything, it would be best to consult a professional.

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