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When people design their kitchens, either from scratch or through a full kitchen renovation, they want to make sure they have the following: impressive design, clever functions and a space that’s perfect for entertaining people.

Gone are the days where people only use the kitchen to make food. Today, the kitchen is now the heart of the home, where people connect while creating amazing dishes and drinks. But how do you do this with design? Because we’re so used to traditional kitchen designs, what design concepts should you unlearn and replace?

If you’re designing your kitchen or if you’re about to start a kitchen renovation project, the questions above are probably the questions you ask yourself. Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. This article is our guide on how to turn your kitchen into a room perfect for entertainment. Let’s get to it!

Multipurpose kitchen island

One of the best things to have in your kitchen to properly entertain people is by having a kitchen island. When you have a multipurpose one, you’re changing the home kitchen game.

Having a multipurpose island will offer you more storage and functionality, giving you more space for cooktops, an oven, food preparation and more. Some kitchens even have islands, one for food preps and the other for entertainment. For this reason, it’s best to consider having a multipurpose island when you plan your kitchen renovation project.

Smart and savvy storage

For you to start your dinner party, your kitchen needs to be a clutter-free zone. When you’re dealing with kitchen storage, making sure it’s pretty is the least of your priorities. Instead, make sure it’s highly functional, clever and makes the most out of the available space.

With smart storage solutions, you’ll be able to reach for tools, vessels and kitchen equipment right away, giving you a smooth prepping and cooking experience. When you practice smart storage, not only will your kitchen look tidy and clean, you’ll also impress your guests with the innovative ways you store your kitchen items.

Impressive countertops

A kitchen element that ties the whole room together, improves the aesthetics and offers function simultaneously are your countertops. When choosing a countertop, you might be overwhelmed with the variety of colours and designs you’ll have to choose from. But when you find the perfect one, it’ll catch your guest’s attention and could also be a fantastic conversation starter.

Countertops are meant for prepping and dining and are a busy space because they hold everything that rolls out of your oven and stovetops. Sometimes, you can use this space to pile dishes after use before cleaning them and before dinner. It can even serve as a workspace for your kids.


As mentioned earlier, you can turn your kitchen into the heart of your home where you can entertain guests while keeping it aesthetically pleasing and functional. By following these tips, you’ll have a killer kitchen that will impress your visitors, family and even yourself with its impeccable design and smart function solutions. What are you waiting for? Start planning that kitchen renovation!

Many people want to upgrade their kitchen and turn it into an amazing space to gather, connect with people and create delicious dishes. Are you ready to have that type of kitchen for your home? Speak to the experts at Azztek Kitchens. We offer exemplary kitchen renovations in Mandurah that transform clients’ spaces into the kitchen of their dreams. Book a consultation today!

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