Mindful Space: 3 Ways to Bring Mindfulness In the Kitchen

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Many people strive to achieve a healthy lifestyle, that’s why mindful eating is recommended to establish a more positive relationship with food. Integrating meditation with your actions can do wonders in influencing your choices in the future, but practising awareness with your cooking is not the only way to create a healthy food habit.

Seeing as kitchens are the heart of any home, it makes sense to incorporate mindfulness in the space as it can impact all the action that takes place in this versatile room. The colour scheme, style, layout, and other interior elements can set the mood in the kitchen, so the tips below focus on home upgrades that aim to make your space as serene as it is stylish.

Tip #1: Choose a Calming Colour Scheme to Relax the Senses

Colours have a powerful effect on the mood, so choosing a palette that promotes calmness can do wonders for bringing out a sense of tranquillity as you enter the kitchen. It’s one of the busiest parts of your home, and arguably the hottest, so choosing shades like green, blue, or grey can create a clean and cool impression.

Cool colours also create a stunning contrast with warmer tones, so adding wooden elements to the kitchen can result in the best of both worlds. Pair cabinet doors with wooden drawers, or white countertops with emerald green counters for an effortlessly chic look.

Tip #2: Invest in a Quality and Dynamic Lighting Set-Up

Relying on the ceiling lights alone can make the room look and feel flat. Not to mention, it creates harsh shadows in the prep area, making it difficult to work your magic in the kitchen. Dim lights can also make food look unappealing, which can lower everyone’s appetite.

By investing in accent and task lighting, you can establish different points in the kitchen and ensure every area has a clear purpose. Pendant lights, for example, can create a stunning focal point over the kitchen island. On the other hand, adding strip lights underneath the cabinets can increase your visibility and productivity in the kitchen.

Tip #3: Clear Out Distractions and Clutter

Organizing the pantry can contribute to a healthier lifestyle since it allows you to see your options – making it easier to make healthier choices with your food. It also lowers food wastes since you’ll no longer struggle to find ingredients with a mindful display.

Depending on your goal for the kitchen, it also helps to remove distractions like a TV set-up. For families that strive to make the kitchen a wholesome place where everyone can eat healthy and bond.

The Bottom Line: How a Mindful Space can Contribute to a Positive Atmosphere

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