The 5 Steps to Planning a Successful Kitchen Renovation

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You finally decided to have a major kitchen renovation, but you do not know where to start. That is a common problem most homeowners experience whenever put in the same situation. It is not always because you are clueless, but maybe you are just overwhelmed and do not know what to do first. Having your dream home kitchen come to life is exciting, making all sorts of ideas pop in your head. If you do not know yet what to do, that is okay too.

Planning is your secret in making this renovation a success. In this article, we will tell you the five steps you need to do first to jumpstart your kitchen renovation.

Step 1: Make Your Wishlist

The first step is when you address everything that confuses you. You may either have so many ideas to choose from or zero at all. In this phase, try to compile everything you want for your kitchen. Think of it as making a brief for your building contractors. If you have no idea what to have for your kitchen design, now is the time to look up for inspiration online. Break down your dream kitchen per section and create a mood board for each.

As much as possible, be specific with the materials, appliances and other details. It will help you so much later in the decision making process. You must also remember that you need to have a flexible plan. You will slowly reject some ideas you created, or your contractors may have a better material suggestion for your kitchen needs. Be open that changes may still occur, but the most important thing is you have something to start with.

Step 2: Set Your Budget

Before finalising your plan, you have to identify your project budget first. How much are you willing to spend on the kitchen renovation? Having a number would guide you when it comes to finishes or appliances selection. It will also serve as your kitchen designer or architect’s guide when suggesting designs to fit your budget.

Step 3: Determine a Kitchen Layout

Now that you have a general idea of how your kitchen will turn out, it is time to plan the kitchen flow. It is the most crucial thing to finalise before you even begin purchasing your cabinets or kitchen appliances.

Whom does your kitchen need to cater to? Are you going to be a messy cook? Identify which area you will use for entertaining and which for the day-to-day needs. All these details should be considered to come up with a fully-functional kitchen designed for the whole family.

Step 4: Choose Your Finishes

Using your general layout, you can now start to look into the materials and finishes you think will work for your design in mind. You can now consider your budget, the size you need and their functionality.

You can be more confident now and place your order. Do not forget to check their delivery lead times, too, as they may affect your decisions.

Step 5: Choose Your Appliances

Because you have an idea of where to place your appliances, you most probably have a picture of the right size you should choose. By now, you also know if you want your kitchen appliances to blend in your space or stand out. With all the varied options you have, make sure to choose something that will last for a long while and has design flexibility.


No kitchen planning is simple. It is a superior room in the house that requires a lot of thought, planning and consideration. No matter the budget you have for your kitchen, follow the five tips above, and you will be well-prepared for your upcoming renovation. If you think you need help, you can always seek professional advice to ensure you are getting the best quality and best design for your dream home kitchen.

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