Top 14 Essential Kitchen Features for a Stylish Renovation

kitchen renovation

The kitchen is where you prepare mouthwatering meals and entertain guests. However, as time passes, your outdated kitchen may no longer provide the same efficiency and comfort. 

And you would want to invest in a high-quality kitchen renovation. These projects can boost your home’s value and make it more functional and comfortable.

We put together our best picks to add more storage and style to your newly-renovated kitchen.

1. Pet-Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Features

Responsible homeowners must ensure their kitchen renovation plan is suitable for their pet’s needs. We recommend investing in built-in storage solutions for pet food, dishes, and beds. 

2. Built-in Refrigerator

This built-in appliance can give your newly-renovated kitchen a slick, integrated look. As the refrigerator nestles into your custom cabinetry, it will provide more storage above and beside the appliance. The stainless steel finish combines perfectly with the hood on the other wall and the professional-style range.

3. Narrow Pull-Out Drawers

Consider adding narrow, pull-out drawers between cabinets or appliances if your kitchen lacks storage space. These slim kitchen cabinets maximise the tightest spaces, providing divided storage containers for utensils and shelves with guards to keep spice jars in place.

4. Trash and Recycling Bins

Enjoy your newly-renovated kitchen by adding an efficient trash and recycling area for your recyclables and other waste. You can install them under your sink, in a pantry or a handy-pull-out drawer.

5. Wine Refrigerator

A wine fridge works best for storing your favourite bottles of wine. Ensure to find the right size according to your needs. They work best when you build them into an island or lower cabinetry.

6. Island Cooktop 

You can place a cooktop on a kitchen island, providing more work and storage space. A range hood or downdraft exhaust system works best for a more streamlined look.

7. Steam Oven 

Steam ovens cook food using steam, helping to preserve the nutrients and reduce the need for added oils. They cook quicker than traditional ovens while providing healthy and tender-crisp results.

8. Double Ovens 

These ovens are an innovative and convenient option for a newly-renovated kitchen. The primary and smaller model bakes and heats your food quickly without bending over. They also allow you to install a cooktop on a kitchen island or other areas. 

9. Bar Sink 

A secondary sink works best for rinsing vegetables, filling pots with water, or cooling drinks. You can consider a bar sink for large kitchens or nearby pantry areas. 

10. Pot Fillers 

Thanks to a pot filler, you don’t need to lug heavy pots of water across the kitchen! You can install this feature wherever you have a cold water line. The swing-out faucet is set high on the kitchen backsplash, allowing you to quickly fill large pots with water.

11. Ample Kitchen Lighting 

A kitchen needs multiple light sources to layer the light. Recessed ceiling fixtures offer ambient light, and pendant lights can provide style. Task lighting works best above an island or sink, and under-cabinet lights provide proper task lighting for countertops.

12. Coffee Bar

You can start your morning by transforming a kitchen nook into a home coffee station. It includes coffee machines and mug and saucer storage. You may also store the coffee grounds, sugar, and stirring spoons in nearby drawers or shelves. This feature works best for small kitchens.

13. Commercial-Style Range

A commercial-style range works best for serious home cooks. These ranges have much higher BTU output than standard home ranges, so proper ventilation is essential. They also work best for industrial or contemporary kitchen designs.

14. High-Style Faucets 

Lastly, these wider kitchen faucets can maximise your extra-wide sink. The repeated shiny brass finish, streamlined shapes on the cabinetry hardware, and sconces above the sink give a cohesive finish.


Your kitchen will eventually wear down with time. Investing in a high-quality kitchen renovation can boost your home’s overall value and make it more efficient.

With over 20 years of experience, Azztek Kitchens provide complete kitchen renovations in Mandurah. Contact us now to give your kitchen a well-deserved makeover!

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