Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2020 – What to Look Forward To

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The new decade brings with it a kitchen design trends few trends that any homeowner should look forward to.

Whether you’re in the process of constructing a new kitchen or if you’re renovating a kitchen, any homeowner can take these developments as an opportunity to make their kitchen better serve its purpose.

From smart kitchens that make cooking and eating more streamlined and enjoyable, to sustainable technologies that make these activities more environmentally-friendly, here are some of the most notable trends in kitchen design you should know about:

Smart Kitchen Technologies

Smart kitchen appliances and fixtures are slowly becoming the norm. These can include fully-integrated technologies that connect with heating, lighting, ventilation, and other aspects of a kitchen that allow the user to control them through one central system.

These smart technologies can also be managed remotely, letting homeowners take care of their kitchen even when they are in a different room or another location altogether. Most of these systems are designed in such a way that they can operate autonomously as well, providing homeowners with not only great control but also more freedom in terms of their time and energy.

Examples: programmable appliances, scheduled air conditioning, and automatic faucets

Space-Saving Designs

With space now becoming an increasingly important concern for many homeowners, space-saving designs are a huge trend this 2020 and will probably continue to trend in the years beyond. You can see this trend in the emergence of more thoughtful storage solutions, as well as in multi-function appliances and design.

Through the implementation of space-saving appliances and designs, a homeowner is able to make more efficient use of their kitchen as well as its contents. This provides an environment that optimizes space without sacrificing comfort. In some cases, space-saving designs even afford improved ease of use to the homeowner, making activities such as cooking and storing food more practical than ever before.

Examples: multipurpose kitchen islands, appliance garages, and waste cabinets

New and Unconventional Materials

The emergence of newer technologies has made it possible for formerly impractical materials to be viable for kitchen use. Many materials such as wood and natural stone don’t perform too well in kitchens. They represent greater demands in terms of proper maintenance, making them unsuitable for the daily wear and tear that’s common in most kitchens.

These materials, however, can now be treated in such a way that allows them to last many years while still retaining their aesthetics. Other materials are also becoming a worthwhile alternative, combining timeless appeal with lasting durability. What this means is that now, homeowners can enjoy greater freedom in terms of design choices, as the options available today are abundant and continue to grow.

Examples: ceramic floor tiles, copper backsplashes, and soapstone countertops


If we’re being technical about it, these trends aren’t actually trends per se. Instead, they represent modern-day choices that are better fit for today’s lifestyles. More than that, however, they address every homeowner’s needs through the use of technological advances, providing people with both the essentials and the comforts needed to cook and entertain for many years into the future.

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