What Is the Right Kitchen Style You Should Choose Today?

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The kitchen plays a central role in the home. It is a place where you would go to cook and an area where you would serve and entertain your guests. The style and design of your kitchen can make all the difference, and it should be something special and that matches your personal taste.

If you’re thinking about the style to incorporate in your kitchen, here’s a handy guide to help you choose:

Traditional Style

Traditional kitchen style has many architectural details and embellishments, such as corbels, cabinet door arches and mouldings, decorative glass doors, hutch-style cabinets and many more. 

Framed, raised-panel cabinetry and elegant furniture posts are also common in traditional style kitchens. Although not a lot of people prefer this style, there are homeowners who like this because it complements the architecture and character of the home. 

Modern Style

Modern style is the existing design for today’s kitchen. It’s simplistic, and there are times when they can be industrial. Usually, it features full-access cabinetry with slab door style and simple hardware. As a result, the kitchen is given a sleek look. 

You will also notice that this style has clean, horizontal lines. What’s missing in this style are ornamental elements, primarily because of its simplicity.

Transitional Style

Consider transitional kitchen style a balance between modern and traditional. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a more straightforward design but want a few embellishments. 

This kitchen style has simple panelled cabinets with an all-wood construction. Natural surfaces with edge profiles are also preferred on countertops. 

Compared to the traditional kitchen style, a transitional one is simpler, with only a hint of embellishments. Today, this style is very popular because it combines the popular features of traditional and modern kitchen styles. 

Craftsman Style

This kitchen style goes back to the early 20th century and is popular for its warmth and simplicity. This kitchen style is unique because it will make you appreciate natural beauty with its natural elements, such as stained wood cabinets, simple light fixtures and a warm, earthy colour palette. 

It also features natural stone countertops, dark hardware finishes and built-in seating. 

Cottage Style

Looking for a cosy and unpretentious kitchen style? A cottage-style kitchen is an excellent choice. It comes with soft colors, farmhouse sinks and open shelving. What makes this style special is that it focuses more on utility. For one, the open shelves provides access to tools and plates. 

Rustic Style

Today, more and more kitchens are using rustic style for their homes. It features a distressed wood cabinet with plenty of natural lights. The style also features antique accessories of natural elements combined with a dark and warm color palette. 

What’s Your Style?

Kitchens are a key component in defining the style and uniqueness of a house. In fact, many people often spend more time designing their dream kitchen than any other space in the home, including the living room or bedrooms. Kitchen design is an important consideration when upgrading or remodeling a home, as it can have a lasting impact on the overall feel of a home and its aesthetic appeal.

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