What to Consider When Designing a Timeless Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of a home, especially if you like to cook. And so, when you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you have to put all things into consideration.

For one, you want to choose a timeless kitchen design that you know you won’t get sick of. After all, you’ll be seeing it every day for several years. And the key to getting the perfect timeless design for your kitchen renovation relies on just a few elements.


One of the primary things you should take into account when planning your kitchen renovation is the size of your kitchen. Since you’re remodelling your kitchen, you don’t always have to be limited by the kitchen you already have. Sometimes, you can tear down walls and make adjustments in the floor plan to create a larger kitchen. If this is the case, you have to think about how much space you can give for your kitchen renovation.

Once you’ve figured out the exact size you want your kitchen to be, you have to take into account some restrictions in the design. For example, if you have little space to work with, it may be better to go minimalistic to create the illusion of space. But if you have a larger kitchen space, you can dedicate some areas for art.


While the look of the kitchen is important, your main priority should be functionality. After all, you will still need to use your kitchen. So, if your kitchen design gets in the way of that, you really need to reconsider things.

For example, a kitchen island may look cute, but if it makes it difficult to move around your own kitchen, it may be best to scrap it. Functionality is also in the details. Let’s take your kitchen sink, for example. Will the fancy new faucets you bought be able to accommodate your needs?

Another aspect of functionality that plays well into the design is storage. It may be best to design cabinets and shelves that maximise your storage space. There are ways to organise your kitchen where everything still looks pleasing to the eye. 


For a timeless kitchen design, you have to pick the right theme. This typically means foregoing the trendier designs and going for the more classic ones. But don’t worry. There are still a lot of themes you can choose from. 

Do you want to go minimalist or maximalist? Should you go with the classics or try something with a more modern feel? What vibe do you want your kitchen to have? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself. 

Colour Palette

Colours are a big player in design. The colours you choose for your kitchen renovation can make a big difference. But try not to bombard your kitchen design with an explosion of colours. While you don’t necessarily have to stick with just one colour, it’s still best to not go overboard with it. Creating a cohesive colour palette with just a few colours will be enough.

Consider how the different colours in your palette interact with each other. You don’t want too much clashing to happen. Your colour palette should make sense when you take it all in. It may be best to consult the colour wheel and take a look into colour psychology when designing your kitchen renovation.

In Summary

When creating a timeless kitchen design, there are a few things you need to consider. Since you’ll be using your kitchen a lot, it’s really important to consider the size and functionality. And once that’s all settled, you can tackle the theme and colour palette of your kitchen renovation.

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