What To Keep In Mind When Conceptualising A Kitchen Design

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The kitchen functions more than a room for cooking or preparing food. It serves as a family room where the majority of the best memories happen. Remember how the kitchen is where you and your partner discuss the most crucial things or where you listen to your child reading while you prepare their meal? All those little details may be simple things, but they are precious moments to keep.

All those remembrances deserve a beautiful kitchen to house them. If you’re having your kitchen remodelled, might as well bring it the best look it can have. Here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to conceptualising a kitchen design:

  1. Sketch how you want it to turn out

You’re putting your hard-earned money into renovating your kitchen, so make it the special place that you’ve always wanted. Start by sketching down all the things you want to have in this area. If you can’t draw well, there’s no problem. What’s important is you can imagine how you want it to look like, and you take note of the essential elements you need to incorporate.

You can also have a family discussion and share your insights and wishlist for the new kitchen. That way, everyone will enjoy the new space. Hearing other people’s thoughts can also spark more ideas and help you gauge the crucial components to include.

Here are some discussion points your family can use as a guide:

  • What kind of space does everyone need to have in the kitchen?
  • How often will they use the area and how many members may use it at a time?
  • The purpose of the kitchen: Is it solely for cooking or will the family eat meals here?
  • Will your pets share a space in the kitchen?
  • Is appliance storage or walk-in pantry a necessity?
  • What are the appliances you will place inside the kitchen?

The family can begin answering these questions and add more until you come up with a finalised wish list or set of priorities.

  1. Have a kitchen island

When there is a space challenge within your kitchen, the best solution is to add a kitchen island. Having one serves many purposes. It can act as a work area, additional counter space, storage space, informal dining table, or just a place where everyone can gather and talk. It is also an excellent way to add separation and walkway in your kitchen.

  1. Don’t forget to add storage

There is no such thing as too much storage, especially in the kitchen. The bigger your family gets, the more space you need to have in your kitchen. You need a place where you can put all the equipment and utensils you use daily or occasionally. You also need to have a pantry where you can store all the food items you have.

Design them in a way that they can organise and hide more things. You can add several levels of shelves but make sure that they are still within comfortable reach. You can also add storage for those items you don’t want to see on your workspace and the appliances you use regularly.

Make your kitchen work by using every inch of the space you have. Try to look for inspirations online. You’ll find several smart designs that utilised the kitchen area well, and you can start by using them as your design or style references.


In the end, you want your kitchen to be visually appealing while also providing all your needs. When finding the best kitchen design to use, keep in mind your priorities but also aim to make it practical and straightforward. You will use your kitchen every day for various reasons, and an easy-to-navigate kitchen can help you perform your duties efficiently despite your busy schedule.

Once you’re ready with your idea, it’s time to start the process. We do kitchen renovation services in Mandurah—from designing, manufacturing, and installing. Contact us today and let us make your dream kitchen happen!

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