6 Tips to Use for the Kitchen Layout of Your Dreams

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Planning out your kitchen can be one of the most important tasks when preparing your home. As a place for preparing and eating food, the kitchen is the room used by every person in the household. That’s why the layout is essential.

If you’re planning your kitchen’s layout, here are six valuable tips to keep in mind:

1. Focus On Reducing Traffic

While it is tempting to have everything in your kitchen in one room, good planning and design can reduce the amount of traffic. Avoid creating a complex space to navigate through, especially if you have small children and/or pets. The kitchen will entail a lot of movement from everyone, whether you’re preparing food, getting a snack, or cleaning the area, so it’s best to keep this in mind when planning.

2. Prioritise the Sink First

The sink is an integral part of your kitchen, where food and dishes are cleaned. Sinks can be placed on an island in the middle of your kitchen or on the side. If you plan to purchase a dishwasher, you can move the sink from the island to the side away from the dishwasher to create more space for storing dishes. It’s best to place it at the top of the priority list as the plumbing system will require further attention.

3. Place Stoves By Exterior Walls for Exhaust

If you have exterior walls, it’s essential to place the stove on these walls. The stove exhaust can benefit from this as it will be easier to install. Without proper ventilation, the heat will be unable to escape, which will make the kitchen hot and uncomfortable every time you need to cook.

4. Give Your Kitchen Island Enough Space

The island can be an excellent place to store your appliances, and you can use it as a second surface area. It’s important to give it enough space of at least sixty centimetres and separate it from other kitchen surfaces so that you don’t end up tripping and injuring yourself. If a kitchen island will cause too much traffic in the kitchen, it might be best to go smaller, skip it entirely, or consider more kitchen counters instead.

5. Maintain Comfortable Distance Between Fixtures

For both keeping the kitchen comfortable for cooking and cabinets accessible, you’ll need to keep the proper distance between fixtures. For example, there should be at least two metres of space between the kitchen counter and the hood and at least one metre between the hood and the ceiling. It’s also important to leave at least twenty centimetres between appliances so you can access them easily.

6. Don’t Forget About Storage

As the kitchen is the room that will be used the most in your household, it’s essential to give it enough storage space. This can be achieved in different ways, whether it’s through cabinets or drawers or even through a small pantry. Storage will prevent you from running out of space and reduce clutter in your kitchen.


As you can see, designing your kitchen is no easy task and requires a lot of consideration. The layout of your kitchen can be one of the most critical factors in getting your kitchen to function correctly and efficiently. Whether you plan to renovate your kitchen or design it for the first time, these tips will help you achieve the kitchen layout of your dreams.

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